More than 22,800 Jobs to be Created in U.S. During Fourth Quarter as 306 Industrial Plants Begin Operations

SUGAR LAND–August 24, 2012–Researched by Industrial Info Resources (Sugar Land, Texas)–Job creation has been difficult for most of 2012. It has remained a hot topic thanks to the upcoming presidential election, but so far neither party has provided a plausible solution to the stagnant job growth numbers that have been seen this year. Even as both sides argue job creation tactics, there has been one constant throughout the year: industrial companies open new plants each and every quarter that create jobs. While this is not a method that creates the hundreds of thousands of jobs needed every month for the national unemployment rate to decline, it is a steady supply of skilled labor positions. Heading into the fourth quarter, Industrial Info is tracking 306 industrial plants that are scheduled to begin operations, which will create an estimated 22,800 jobs in the U.S. during the final three months of the year.

Click to view NewPlantsJobs Click on the image at the right for a graph detailing U.S. industrial plants scheduled to begin operations in the fourth quarter of 2012 and the numbers of jobs that are expected to be created.

While this method of jobs creation may not be as sexy and flashy as the monthly jobs report produced by the federal government’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, it still can provide relief. In most cases, these jobs are skilled labor positions that require some training, and provide health care benefits and some kind of retirement plan. In addition, there are often “white collar” jobs that go along with these plant openings. While the number of jobs created in this fashion is never as significant as the general jobs report, they do provide an opportunity for those looking for work.

In the fourth quarter, the lion’s share of these jobs is expected to be created within the U.S. Industrial Manufacturing Industry. A total of 44 industrial manufacturing plants are currently scheduled to open their doors and begin operations in October, November or December, creating more than 11,600 jobs for unemployed workers. The Food and Beverage Industry also will see some significant job growth during this time, as it begins operations on 70 new plants, which will create an additional 5,100 jobs for workers, while the Pharmaceuticals & Biotech Industry will add 18 plants to the mix, bringing in 2,800 jobs.

There are four regions of the country that are expected to create the largest portion of the job growth through plants beginning operations for the first time. The Southeast region, which consists of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi and Tennessee, is currently scheduled to have 31 new plants begin production, which is expected to create 6,100 jobs. The Northeast region, which includes the states of Delaware, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania, will add another 31 plants and 4,100 jobs, while the Great Lakes region, which consists of Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky and Wisconsin, will contribute 47 new plants and 3,100 jobs, and the Mid-Atlantic region, which includes Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia, will add another 21 plants and 2,600 jobs.

Job creation is likely to remain a hot topic through the end of the year as election politics heat up, and the jobs created each and every month by industrial plants becoming operational will be a key part of the solution. Capital spending among industrial manufacturers has remained high this year and that will help contribute to a continuous flow of new plants beginning operations for months to come. Hopefully, the additions made in this fashion will help to jump start job creation in other areas, and the national unemployment rate will begin to slide again, eventually reaching its pre-recession levels. However, job creation through new plants is only a small part of the equation and will have to be bolstered by more traditional job creation methods for this to actually occur.

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Article posted by Industrial Info

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